In research conducted by FireMon, 73% of participants stated that their firewall rule bases ranged from complex to out of control. Why is that? And, more importantly, what are companies doing about it?


The FireMon study polled 253 network and security personnel from financial services, government, business services, and other industries. The survey’s objective was to discover whether organizations are prepared for the consequences of poor firewall policy management. The “FireMon Market Survey Report” sheds some light on:

  • The problem: Firewall policies are complex to out of control.
  • The impact: Security gaps and premature purchase of new firewalls.
  • The reality: Manual processes create gaps in what “should be done” versus what is being done.
  • The inhibitors: Staff shortages, labor intensive processes, and other priorities.
  • The consequences: Increase in risk and time to resolve problems.

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