How Effective Security Management Can Cover the Increasing Gap between Technology & the Resources Available to Manage It


Security teams today are under tremendous pressure due to the rising frequency and impact of breaches and a business that wants to move faster and faster. The answer to both of these challenges has traditionally been to add more technology and staff resources.


However, each new technology added creates complexity. More rules are created and more data is generated. As networks continue to evolve, this complexity will only grow. And while staff resources may increase, they will never match the exponential growth of technology.


FireMon calls this phenomenon The Complexity Gap and has set out to help security teams close it.


Join us for this webinar with Frost & Sullivan where we’ll explore the causes of “The Gap” and how workforce multipliers such as intelligence and automation help existing staff manage their security more efficiently and more effectively.






Jarad Carleton


Principal Consultant, Information & Communication Technologies


Frost & Sullivan



Michael Callahan


Chief Marketing Officer xxxxxxxxxxxxx



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