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How does Lumeta CloudVisibility Community Edition help secure my AWS environment?

Consolidate view of assets across an AWS hybrid infrastructure - AWS and on-premise
View AWS instances and collect census information
Attribute ownership of AWS accounts or resources to owner identity/contact
Integrate with vulnerability scanners, such as AWS Inspector, for endpoint coverage across both AWS and on-premise endpoints
Detect leak-paths to and from the internet

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Access to the best technology
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Used by the world’s largest and most security-sensitive organizations, ALL organizations working to protect intellectual property and shrink the attack surface should have access to this groundbreaking technology!

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Having FREE access to a scaled-down version allows you to kick the tires and decide for yourself without unnecessary pressure or deadlines to determine if it's the right fit (hint: it probably is).

If I download and install CloudVisibility Community Edition today, will I be asked to pay for it later?

Who should use CloudVisibility Community Edition?

Security Teams

Teams that need to validate the security of AWS instances


A tool to assess their clients’ security posture


Helping their customers prioritize risks/target spend