Lumeta Honored with 2018 Best Practices Award for IoT Cybersecurity Technology Innovation

The proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) in the workplace has led to an increase in the ways cybercriminals gain access to enterprise networks. Most organizations do not even know all of the IoT devices on their network given that many are purchased through the business or by facilities. A layered cybersecurity strategy can help eliminate visibility gaps and deliver strong IoT security, but that must include automated security response through integrations with existing cybersecurity infrastructure.


Frost & Sullivan evaluated Lumeta Spectre using its key benchmarking criteria of Technology Attributes and Future Business Value. Earning the 2018 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award, Lumeta Spectre offers a highly attractive option for IoT/ICS cybersecurity with its innovative product architecture, highly proven implementations, and a dedicated to investment in new product enhancements.