Why GDPR is Nothing to Fear

A practical guide to complying with the General Data Protection Regulation

There have been a lot of emails, webinars, eBooks, paid courses and more about how to deal with GDPR. It’s a bit daunting, sure. But in essence, this is what GDPR is asking your organization to do:

  • Take a risk-based approach to data protection and security.
  • Establish technical measures to validate data is protected.
  • Continuously monitor data protection measures.
  • Correct any protection failures and notify the authorities when compromised.

These data protection methods have been regular practice for more than 20 years. It stands to reason that if you know how to keep data protected, then you know how to keep data protected.

You’ve seen this all before. We promise.

This eBook walks you through the steps your organization can take – some philosophical, some technical – to prepare your network for the new regulations and fortify consumer trust.

It’s about how to ensure compliance and prevent data exposure and compromise from the very start.

Remember: these methods are not new; they are the foundations of information security.

Enjoy -- and don’t panic.

FireMon helps with gaining and maintaining compliance around Articles 25, 32, 35, and 58 -- specifically surpassing a “reasonable level” of data protection, detecting and mitigating security vulnerabilities, and substantial documentation around automated best practices.